Terms & Conditions

Please read the following carefully from beginning to end. In order to qualify for a refund, you must follow the important policies and procedures outlined below:
I understand information supplied on this form gives Urban Life 2016 permission to communicate with me by mail, fax, email, or phone to relay special offers, announcements and information I may find valuable in my business. I further understand that the product or service I’ve purchased contains confidential copyrighted information that may not be copied or reproduced without written consent from Urban Life 2016 We offer free reports, newsletter and promotional emails as a service to our customers. We will send you written reports and emails periodically outlining special events, current products, specials and deals. However, you may ‘opt-out’, or unsubscribe from our newsletters, reports or emails by following any unsubscribe instructions in any email, report or newsletter you receive from us. After doing so, if you have opted out of receiving all newsletters, reports, and all promotional emails you will not receive future promotional emails, reports or newsletter (as applicable), unless you open a new account, enter a contest, or otherwise subsequently sign up to receive newsletters, reports or emails.

Request for Refund

I understand all sales are considered final 5 business days from date of product receipt. Should I request a refund on or before 5 business days from the date of sale, I will supply written notice of said request (Email is acceptable) [email protected] Seriously Poleon Enterprise Ltd. I will also call Urban Life 2016 and request return instructions. All cancellations and refunds must be authorised by Urban Life 2016. Further Product Return Requirements and Conditions: I understand ALL products and Services, including Bonus items, must be returned to Poleon Enterprise Ltd in ORIGINAL condition. Poleon Enterprise Ltd staff, officers or agents will not be held responsible for any damage incurred during shipment of returned products to Urban Life 2016 I further understand: 1. Written detailed reasons for cancellation should accompany my written notice of cancellation. 2. A photocopy of my sales receipt indicating payment type must accompany your written notice of cancellation. 3. My name, address, telephone number and email address must be legible and contained within my written notice of cancellation. 4. Name of the shipping company used and any tracking information (tracking number) must be legible and contained within my written notice of cancellation.

Please note we reserve the rights to change ticket price without prior notification.

Approval of Refund Request

I understand there will be no consideration or authorisation for a refund without meeting all return requirements and conditions outlined above. I understand upon approval of my refund request and receipt of returned product or service by Urban Life 2016 payments made under this written contract of sale will be refunded within 10 business days. I understand purchased product or service cannot be returned at subsequent seminars, symposiums or training meetings of Poleon Enterprise Ltd. or other PRODUCT OR SERVICE PROVIDERS. Urban Life 2016 will not be responsible for honouring refunds that do not follow the process outlined above.

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